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Q: Can I fly the CoaX over a carpet?

A: This is possible if the height control is disabled, or if the height is controlled with the pressure sensor (not implemented by default). In fact, the ultrasonic waves get absorbed by carpeted surfaces in general. This obviously disturbs the height measurement and thus the sonar-based height control.

Q: What is the type of glue used for the motor gears?

A: Loctite 638

Q: What main motors are used in the CoaX?

A: The CoaX is using by default the Roxxy Bl Outrunner 1820/16 motor.

Q: How do I get new programs onto the Gumstix board?

A: The CoaX is delivered with a 2Go micro SD card (and its reader!). Linux and the programs of the Gumstix are all loaded on this micro SD. It is very easy to access your Gumstix (and the SD card) directly from the FTDI (USB) port of the CoaX board. Connect the USB cable to the CoaX, open a console, turn on the CoaX and you will see your Gumstix booting.

Q: How do I get new programs onto the CoaX DSP

A: The code of the dsPIC is open source for the CoaX owner, you can then edit and reprogram the dsPIC. You have 2 ways for doing this. The simplest: you use the provided Bootloader that works over the Bluetooth. The more complicated: you use the programming board (provided) and you program through Microchip ICD (2 or 3) (not provided). THIS WILL OVERWRITE THE BOOTLOADER program that is by default flashed on the main dsPIC of CoaX.

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